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Step 1

Agents submit written quotes

Agents are invited to submit written proposals for your property listing. They include an agency profile, commissions/fees, marketing plan and sales strategy. All proposals follow one simple and consistent online format, making comparison easy.

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Step 2

You compare, select & appoint.

As you receive proposals, we’ll help you compare them side-by-side online. You can shortlist agents, and make contact when you’re ready. Most proposals arrive within 1-2 working days.

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What people are saying
about LocalAgentFinder

Learn why thousands of homeowners trusted LocalAgentFinder to find the right estate agent to let or sell their property.

  • I found the service very professional and the website easy to navigate. I had quotes from the agents on what I could get per week, which made it easy to compare apples to apples, so to speak. Within a day I had replies from agents (some, even mailing a brochure with the property details so I could see how she is going to market the property) who wanted additional information or wanted to meet me at the property. I found the overall experience with your service outstanding and I would definitely recommend it.

    Franci Liebenberg
  • This is a good idea. Let the agents give an account of their services, prices etc and your only task then is to decide which one to use!

    Gordon Maggie Blyth
  • This is so easy to use and best of all, its FREE and saved me A LOT OF TIME. I advertised my unit and had 4 agents respond within 6 hours. You don't have to contact all of them, just the ones you feel most comfortable with and offer you the best packages. I would highly recommend this website to anyone who is looking to change property management and doesn't know where to start. You have nothing to lose!

    Sally Christianson
  • I found the service very easy to use and the agents I contacted were very good.

    Wayne Bowman
  • Thank you for providing such a great and informative free service. The proposals received enabled me the ability to assess the different types of marketing strategies used by agents in my area and to also grasp the commissioning structure of agents who submitted a proposal.

    Greg Badcoe
  • This site was easy to use with quick responses from agents. I also had a question for the site and was answered very promptly and with courtesy.

    Sue Bamford
  • I wanted to compare the services offered by a number of local agents. Rather than me having to call around, they came to me. I also had the upfront information provided in their profile, so I could disregard immediately those which didn't appeal, rather than having to waste time in meeting with them. Overall a great service.

    Johanna Rice
  • I didn't have the time to visit various Real Estate Agents and wanted them to submit their selling history details and approx costs involved with selling a unit. I was able to make an informed decision and emailed and spoke with the successful agent. I found it a stress free process. Online is the way to go!

    Diane Hudson
  • I found the whole process of linking up with real estate agents very easy. It was preferable to ringing around and asking a range of questions.

    Tony & Tanja Lambe
  • A great idea. Enables agents to be competitive in regard to commission rates and marketing fees and allows me to choose what suits me best.

    Sally Calvert
  • I think this site is a great idea, when I decided to rent out my property I had no idea where to go, where to begin or what I was doing so it was exactly what I needed. Agents responded quickly & I was spoilt for choice!

    Andrew Lumb
  • Great service to find a hard working competitive real estate agent in your area who wants your buisiness.

    Glenn Richards
  • An easy way to find a property manager!

    Andonina (Ando) Allan
  • Excellent service. Very handy to see which agents are prepared to help. Saved me time trying to find them!

    Matthew Todorovski
  • I was most impressed with the service received through this site - it was incredibly easy to set-up, agents responded very quickly, information was easy to compare, and the follow-up from the main office was prompt and courteous. Although I did not end up selling my property (owing to a change in circumstances), I would definitely use this site for future sales.

    Zoe Denner
  • Was great to have the screened agents contact us. Took the hassle out of looking them all up. Great Service.

    Kirstyn Marriott
  • A very simple and easy way to get in touch with multiple agents who are genuinely interested in your business, and to choose one that is a match for your needs.

    Thomas Haddy
  • Using the site was quick, easy and I got multiple responses in very little time. Within a week my property was on the market and within a month it was sold! Fantastic tool available at your fingertips.

    Hayley Vink
  • This is a great way to have agents come to you, and to garner a comparison on different selling styles. Agent responses varied considerably and I was (am) thrilled with the agent I employed for the job. I have recommended this method of screening agents to others and will continue to do so.

    Sarah Gladman
  • I totally recommend the site. It was extremely helpful when listing my property.

    Sarah Thompson
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