Frequently Asked Questions

Who are LocalAgentFinder?

Founded in 2007, the company is privately owned and completely independent. With an Australian based team working with agents across the United Kingdom, the variety of agent quotes available gives consumers a wide choice and a fast turn around.

Does LocalAgentFinder work in my area?

LocalAgentFinder operates across the United Kingdom, with insights on every suburb, in every county. We’re confident we can help you find and compare local estate agents wherever you’re located.

How does LocalAgentFinder make money?

When a property is sold or let, the successful estate agent pays us a professional services fee called a 'referral fee'. This is standard industry practice and identical for every agent to guarantee our independence.

How do I start my estate agent search?

It's easy, and free. Just fill in a few details to anonymously request detailed quotes from a variety of local agents, personalised to your property type. On average, you'll receive 5-10 quotes within two working days, with some arriving in the first day. You are then free to choose the agents you like best and invite them for an appraisal.

What if I've already spoken with an agent?

No problem. Many homeowners use LocalAgentFinder out of frustration with their search, or just to double-check they're choosing the right agent before signing. You're under no obligation when using LocalAgentFinder, so before you finalise an agreement, it’s worth checking out the competition. We’ll exclude any agents you’ve already my contact with from your search.

How long will it take to hear from agents?

On average, you'll receive 5-10 quotes within two working days, however proactive agents will respond almost immediately. If you've chosen to receive calls from the top 3 agents, this should happen within 24 hours.

When will agents be given my contact details?

Agents will initially have no information about you or your street address. This ensures they have to put their best possible quote forward, first time. When you review an agent’s quote, they’ll receive these basic details so they can send you additional information specific to your property. Your phone number is always kept private, unless you request a call from agents. It is against our policy for any agent to visit your property without your permission.